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Friday, July 10, 2009
12:49 AM


&the beauty.

Monday, June 15, 2009
12:55 AM

common test has officially ended on fri. the holidays that i have wanted during common test has started, but yet. i am feeling super unhappy now.

war started at home le. started since fri when dad and mom came home from work. angry with each other for a reason i totally have no idea of cos no one said anything. and fri was my dad's birthday. sigh.

den it was yesterday. just when i tok things will get better, i screwed the whole thing and made things worse. (and the stupidest thing is that i didnt even noe that hes angry with me as well, until today, during dinner at work). what's worse, even bro is angry with dad. bro didnt speak a single word since 7 plus yesterday, for the rest of the day. the journey back home is super quiet, the only sound is the from the radio. 

today. didnt speak to dad for the whole day. have no idea what to do. dunno when this will last till. hopefully fast. i really hate this part of my life. somemore, now holidays. have to face this thing every single day. sighs.

&the beauty.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
11:47 AM

have been wanting to blog since dunno when, but really lazy to blog too. haha. so finally blogging now already.

anyway, yesterday had only 2 tutorials from 9 to 11 only, since afa lecture was postponed to today.
den had lunch with parents, grandmas and bro at thai village.

after that brought grandmas home den went home as well.
slept till 5 plus, bathed and went out to eat at Carousel.

loved the food there esp. my favourite CREME BULEE!! and had some crazy talks while eating.
i just love spending time with my family. its just so fun and relaxing. but next tues sch is ending at 7pm. thanks to the WISP heroes seminar.

and today! i saw dionis at clementi. haha. so we took the same bus to sch but the bus is so packed that we were separated. haha. but at least got to see her and talked abit of things. haha. she's going to be so busy soon. den company law lecture. FOR ONCE out of the 4 lectures since sch starts, I DIDNT FALL ASLEEP! sense of accomplishment. HAHA!! now bcomm has ended and i have 3 hours of break before AFA lecture at 4pm. not sure whether going to watch movie later with yj anot. and projects are starting to come in already! got a few things to complete by this week.

- WISP morning insight
- Art of war presentation
- tutorials
- bcomm sales scenerio

ok. i shall blog maybe 1 month later. haha!!

&the beauty.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
1:14 AM

had timetable selection last week. got into the same class as xing dan. =D
and almost forgot abt today's IS enrolment. thanks to xing dan again, cos she reminded me.
got into the same class as her for first IS but different for the second IS, thanks to the lagging laptop of mine.

of all the bad few things that are happening these few days,
i am happy that daddy and mummy are understanding towards me.
cos i have been coming home real late and not spending time with them.
love them loads. :)

i dunno how much longer i can take it already.
i shall try my very best and endure to the end.

&the beauty.

Thursday, March 12, 2009
11:58 PM

finally. made an effort to blog.
but i am so so so irritated today.

first, brain went dead at 2 plus 3pm today. just cant concentrate anymore from that time.
den a slight headache came at the back of my head.
hated it so much la.
went to yewtee to buy food home for bro and sis cos i realised that i got just enuf money to buy for them food.
when walking home, hands were very very tired cos of the heavy laptop and the packs of food to bring home.

i got so irritated when i reached the doorstep. cos bro was in parents room playing com.
and both sisters are not home yet. and i am carrying so much things. yet no one came to open the door. grrh.
den went to parents room to rest. den after that when mei came back and bathed after she ate.
she asked to on my laptop and print things for her. cos my hse printer is only connected to my laptop.
den bro also came in to ask help him squeeze the clothes into ziplock bags.
i was so irritated when i was to do EVERYTHING.
sis kept calling me to print for her and that things were ready.
BUT when i went out, the printer was not even connected to the power supply, papers not ready.
the only thing that was ready was that my laptop was on-ed.
even her docs are not loaded.
this really irritated me to the max can.
i mean, u kept rushing me to come out and print for you and i still need to help u connect the printer and etc. i am doing a favour for you and i need to prepare the things for you as well.
den all you need to do is simply wait comfortably for the things to be done and printed nicely for you. argh.

den parents called again and asked me to cook noodles for father. like ME AGAIN!!
i don mind doing things. but not when i have this headache at the back of my head.
but still, i had to cook for father den later also made coffee and bread and washed the dishes.

conclusion, i am so irritated by my headache today.

&the beauty.

Friday, February 27, 2009
12:46 AM

exams are finally over!!! yay!!
past 4 days was really crazy and tired after having to practice all the past year papers posted by the lecturers. sleeping late at about 2 plus 3 to 4 late at night and wake up again at 7 to prepare for morning exams. mon exam was fit, paper was alright, but some parts are tricky in terms of the calculated. and i got tricked. haha. but its alright, i hope. haha. tues was rfa. erm. like not enough time to do la. and i forgot to do the last part of the last question. but its only 3 marks. so hopeful i wont need to 3 marks to pass the paper. wed is ma. as usual, relevant costing dunno how to do. haha. and den thurs is tax. omg! i chionged like hell from wed after ma until 3.30am den sleep. just to do the finish all the practice papers. thanks to APPLE, cos she teach me capital allowance and partnership. haha. den when doing the papers also keep calling her. haha, cos i dunno how to do. THANKS APPLE!! but today the paper second qns is the type tested in common test which i didnt revised on. and it costs 30 marks la. tried the qns anyway. really hope to pass this exam man.

soon, the gals will be going for attachment already. cant see them in school anymore. gonna miss them loads. =( lets meet up once a while ok!

went to meet hariani after tax to take back yj's book. took quite a while though. after that went to westmall and ate burger king the chicken only. den went home. slept for an hour and trained to toa payoh. met chen xue hong lao shi and cabbed to marie's(han lang. admin) place. marie's dad passed away, so went to look for her. and i realised that i dunno what i should say to make her feel better. after that met y.sis and bro at west coast plaza to collect bro's spec and have dinner. cant decide on what to have for dinner so used our usual method to decide. bro=newyorknewyork,y.sis=subway and me=vietnam food. so jian dao shi tou bu and y.sis won. haha. so had subway for dinner.

ok. gonna sleep already.

weekend is coming. but got loads of things to do.

fri: st. john, instructors meeting
sat: work at han lang, parents stall
sun: bamp briefing, parents stall
mon - wed: BAMP!


&the beauty.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009
12:32 PM

haha. so went to buy new moon at popular. twenty percent discount again. haha!
den yesterday night was doing my e-portfolio. SOO DIFFICULT CAN.
spent like hours doing it. until like 3am. LOL.

now at bcomm class. presented my eportfolio already. but it was quite disastrous.
cos i was so flustered when the my link couldnt work. so i am applying for the job as a ceramics teacher. luckily i took photos of my pots at home yesterday night before i went back to sleep. haha
so uploaded it into my eportfolio just before my turn to present.
thanks to the photos, i think i can get back some of my marks. haha. fri have FIT presentation already.
just come to sch and present in FORMAL WEAR and can leave at less than 1 hour.

shall blog again.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
10:35 AM

finally decide to blog already.
not going to talk abt CNY. can go to yujing's blog to see. cos i super duper lazy to write. haha. pictures can go yujing facebo0k also. haha. she's the camera girl for CNY.

i am so addicted to facebook nowadays. playing every now and then. but exams are coming in less than a month. few weeks' time to be exact.

i need motivation
i need a NEW PRINTER (printer spoilt. cant print notes and ans out)
i need to start mugging
i need to start sorting out my notes

ARGH! so many i need but i am doing none of that. i am so into twilight now. reading to the end le. after that shall continue with newmoon, eclipse and breaking dawn.

yesterday was the last IS JAP CLASS. and the lesson start at 1pm, and i left at 1.43pm. great huh. 43 mins of class. cos class only have quiz and speaking test. and i am the lucky no. 1 with may-san for speaking test. haha. alright i guess. den went to CCK to bank in the amount leftover from MSA Camp. i waited for at least an hour la. luckily i have twilight to read. HAHA!!

yesterday night have to 拜拜 so helped to prepared the things. and my hands became reddish-orangy-goldenish. and it cant be washed off that easily. result: my laptop is covered with a layer of faint orangy colour. cos i was using it after preparing and burning the joss papers.

one more thing. apparently, my house have two uninvited guests: mr cockroach and mr lizard. mr lizard have been staying in my house for some days already. cos i dunno what to do with them. dunno how to chase them away. haha.


&the beauty.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
11:58 AM

met alot of ppl the last week.

fri: went to st john and jac came, den at traffic light saw xiang ming, den raymond is working at the vietnam restaurant at west coast plaza. haobin also working at the petit provenance at west coast plaza. didnt notice it was him until me and yj went back the second time. haha.

sat: met terrence to pass him his boots and went to hans lang to give them yu sheng cos everytime they also buy food to the centre. so treat them eat yusheng. since new year coming also. den after walk around while waiting for bro and yj to reach jurong. den saw MR TAN!! haha. didnt see him for a long time le. he already retired. but he is now at chestnut drive teaching ceramics 3 times per week. and the best thing is that ceramics is part of the curriculum! and the principal is MR TEOH!! i miss ceramics days. i shall visit mr tan and mr teoh one day in future. haha. den can do ceramics.

sun: had st. john meeting with limei, yixiang, ms shivali, jia yang and jialong at west coast plaza coffee bean. ms shivali's treat. haha. den went to the tian wang or something like that the restaurant at WCPlaza. didnt see raymond over there but HE IS THERE. haha. sorry raymond. DIDNT NOTICE YOU. haha!! den after that in mrt saw yibiao. den talked a while only cos he alighted at bukit gombak. go home wanted to do fit project. but too tired and fell asleep. den went to help parents after that also. the people are like all ordering cooked food one. not those in the steaming section. argh! so difficult to do can. den went home early.

mon: had IS. reading test was alright but the speaking test on the week after new year will be tough man. need to speak in jap ahhh. die. after that got meeting with xing dan they all for baoc day 3. after went home. went to bb to eat first before going home.

tues: had tax classwork. okay i guess. and tax tutorial we didnt really present. cos didnt have the answers in softcopy. haha. now in bcomm. den had table topics. went the second after joey. took the topic on PLACES. and i got WASHINGTON D.C. and the problem is that i have no idea on this country! i noe that this place exists and that's it. haha. so i crapped through the 2mins and emphasising that i know nothing about the country right from the start. haha!! but it turned out alright. haha.

shall update again.

&the beauty.

Thursday, January 15, 2009
11:20 PM

just now went out at the pavement to help get things from the car. and its like so windy can. -.-

tired! tired! tired! have been sleeping for only 4 hrs each day since sch starts so i am really worn out totally. kept dozing off during lectures and i feel that i am getting sick really soon. woke up today feel so cold yet body temperature seems so high. really not enough of sleep le. but there is still so many things to be done. fit project part 2, bcomm integrated project, baoc preparation, IS tests, EXAMS. so much things to be done!! i wish and i want to have more time.

anyway, yesterday jiayang and lesden came to ngee ann. lesden fren also-branston(dunno correct anot) to look at the courses available. den went to makan place and eat subway. after go lot 1 to buy sis and bro's things. buy until no money le. haha. still have to wait until end of the month den can get pay and need to pay hp bills also. my god. today wanted to go the collect my thing from singpost de. but do do project until 5 plus. so late le. cant collect already. tml den collect. cant wait to get it. haha.

need to continue with project and also prepare dad's stall notice le.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
9:03 AM

sat went to work at hans, and was super tired. keep dozing off. haha. den went to help parents after that. den planned to bath and sleep when reached home. BUT DEN! dad wans to play the mahjong game on my laptop. so let them play. den they played until 4am. my god ah. mum really have the luck on the mahjong game. cos she gets the good pai, and keep winning one. i also lose one. moral of the story. i cant play these type of game. haha.

yesterday. had IS class-jap lesson. den have writing test and quiz. my writing test i think i got write wrongly cos i mistaken the 'ga' for 'ka'. haha. but nevermind. i think can pass. haha. but i cant really concentrate on the rest of the lessons. and i realized that i dunno how to do tax tutorial-which is a very bad sign. =X and also my printer is spoilt also after i bought 2 spare ink cartridges 2 weeks ago. argh!

parents bought me to school today cos they going to tan chong the car centre to service the car i guess? and its like bad traffic jam. but at least better than me going to school by train. cos have to squeeze. haha. den i still reached early. haha. next week got tax classwork. but i'm not prepared! new year's coming.....

&the beauty.

Friday, January 09, 2009
6:16 PM

finally its friday.. so tired this week even though its just the 1ST WEEK!
anyway, i wan to blog abt yesterday-my belated birthday present from dajie!!
she got me KATTUN's white x'mas cd AND their limited edition-QUEEN OF PIRATES DVD!! :) love it lots thanks sis!! haha! she paituo her fren to look for it when her fren went to japan. :))
started watching le. its awesome la. japan concerts are so so GRAND!
i wan to go japan one day in the future!

another thing. I PASSED MY COMMON TEST!!
so happy. cos i was so scared that i will fail. but it is still not the year end exams yet. so still have to study hard. cos common test results are still not that good yet.

i think i am really super lacked of sleep. i simply slept wherever i go. i fall asleep in the bus, mrt and even when standing, waiting. lol. saw cousin today and chatted for quite a while before going back to cwdss to help out in the cca thingy for sec1s orientation. den after that went to dad's shop. and i missed two buses in a row. 185 and 99. suayness to the max.

gotta sleep early today. tml working at 8.45am. so early. still not used to waking up early. :(

&the beauty.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009
11:48 AM

finally blogging now. after changing the blogskin. today is the second day of the new term.
and got back tax common test paper. I PASSED! *reliefs* haha. although not that high, but well, it is satisfactory. apple did well in the paper. got full marks for the section a. well done! happy for her. haha. brenda and stephanie too. all great. =D

actually still in the holiday mood. don wan school to start so soon. yujing got me kat tun cd plus one more thing as my birthday present. haha. but the one more thing i dunno yet cos she don wan to tell me. so have to wait for her friend to give it to her on wed. cos her fren go japan to watch johnny's entertainment concert. haha. and the present that bro bought for me is abt to come. haha.

tml have bcomm writing messages test. need to read. haha. ok i toking crap already.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
3:52 PM

counting down to the last paper on friday. MA. confirm difficult one. sighs.
tax and MA not confident in doing well at all.
den today rfa is also so disastrous can. the whole of journal entries dunno what to write.
now only left me at home. with no one else.
the rest of them went for yi ri you to malaysia already.
so sian. haha. not used to this loneliness. no one to tok to.

will blog again SOON.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
12:09 PM

didnt blog for a super long time. cos of the LAZINESS in me.

anyway, now in bcomm class. and the lesson is VERY DRAMATIC. not quite used to it yet. hahas.
today is also mummy's birthday. didnt buy any present. but willl treat dinner tonight.
but today end lecture at 4pm den have society meeting. but leaving at 6pm cos going to vivo for dinner.
i am still waiting for the user to upload hot shot ep12 on veoh. which is taking quite long ah.
cant wait to watch cos this ep. is so going to be nice. and its ending real soon.

yesterday was the first day of school and the tutor is SO SUPER FUNNY to the extent that he accidentally tore his pants pocket. HAHA.
den at night print notes until 2 plus. HAHA. cos the printer keep giving me problems. haha.

i will be changing my blogskin soon. as well as my tag board. cos it keeps giving me problems.
blog the next time. which is going to be ages later. =D

&the beauty.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
11:08 PM

haven blog for a long time. cos super lazy and busy with things.
got back results on monday already. but it was super duper lousy.
grades are dropping badly. gotta buck up the next sem.

yesterday was younger sis birthday. gave her presents last week already.
woke up at 10 plus cos of the security guard call
wanted to sleep more cos slept late the night before and had to wake bro up at 6.40am for school.
cos dunno wad he did to his hp and drop into water. lol.
but no choice cos the aircon uncle coming our house to check aircon
but actually is to change our lights.
den have to wait for them to come and open the door.
couldnt sleep after that already so used lappy to watch finish lan qiu huo.
last week wasnt that nice. but this week is SUPERB! and next week is SO EXCITING! cant wait.
in the end brunch was only a bowl of salad that i made myself.
cos parents didnt buy anything for me.

den waited for sis to come back from school
rushed to lavender to get the nric registration done.
after that went to woodlands to meet family.
reached there earlier with the rest so went to walk walk and ate bread at toastbox
but the service was super slow can. waited for so long and not much variety also.
den went to crystal jade to eat, followed by dessert at gelare.
had fun and laughters through the dinner.
den went popular see see look look.
after that bro and younger sis decided to get one psp each for themselves
after they had 'sponsors' from us. but they have to fork out 200 bucks each though.
bro got a black one while sis got a pink one.
was looking around and saw ipod classic 120gb. i so wanted it.
but it cost 398 bucks which was quite ex. no money =(
but after bro and sis bought psp, i was thinking whether i should get psp instead
cos it is cheaper, can play games, watch videos, musics too. and screen larger and clearer.
but ipod classic is 120gb (no games and screen smaller as well) while psp is 4gb only.
really cant make up my mind. so indecisive. suggestions?

den today had to choose timetable.
so woke up at 8. thanks apple for the call!! =D
almost cant get into the same class as apple and brenda.
cos com lag. so scary la! den went back to sleep.
woke up at 11 plus bathed and went to make specs with parents before going to stall.
ate at west coast as well. but the food really not nice la.
chicken rice stall don even have a proper chilli. onli got sweet chilli.
den at parents stall have to do sotong.
was toking with mummy and yujing more. hahas
mum do 3 yujing and me onli do 1. hahas.
den me and yujing left at 5 plus. reached home was so lazy.
wanted to go cck one. den in the end also didnt go.
watched americans got talent. wanted to watch the little boy only.
in the end he was the last. but it was so touching la. i even cry lehs.
even though it is an entertainment variety show.
but the story of the boy and the parents love is just so nice.
den watched tv throughout.
wanted to play one game in bro psp which i started playing last night.
but bro went to delete it already. and cannot find. so sadded la.

should i get psp or ipod classic?

&the beauty.

Saturday, August 23, 2008
2:12 AM

ifa was a killer. especially partnership. omg. cost accounting also. the other two i think still ok.
anyway, it is over already, no point thinking abt it. just pray that they will moderate man. hahas
finally i am free to do my things, watch videos, sleep and wake as late as i wan, go OUT and have FUN!
tues having family bbq. gonna be a tiring day for sure.
den wed going for st john. must settle uniforms asap and footdrill com too.
den fri GOING OUT with BRENDA AND APPLE! anticipating
watch WALL-E!!
hana yori dango out soon. gonna watch it too. MUHAHAHA

&the beauty.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
2:17 PM

made a serious yet stupid mistake at parents' stall today.
cos it was busy on sunday so i helped outside.
den there are two tables that asked for bill. so i went one after another.
and one of the two tables, gave me this 50 dollars malaysian note which i actually tot that it was brunei notes. HAHA!
den at night when mum was counting the money, she was shocked to see the malaysian note. haha
and mum was asking who accepted malaysian notes???
and i said i think it was me. cos i noe that one of the tables i collected wasnt a singapore money.
but the prob is that i cant remember how much that table ate and which is the table exactly. =X
so i dunno how much loss i had caused from the 50 dollars note.
so great yimin!

went to golden mile plaza or something de. at lavender one. went to the thailand supermarket.
i went to the wrong building at first which is TOTALLY SO EERIE.
went to the correct building after that which is as eerie. haha. and i don quite like the smell. have a weird smell.
den went to eat the belguim waffle with chocolate dip and one scoop of coconut cream gelato. YUMMYS!
den went to meet yujing at jurong east. buy one shoe and proceed to imm.
bought a lot of things and went home after that with subway dinner for bro.
downloaded already. gonna watch it. =D

had EAA test. it is like OMG!!
cos got some things i really dunno how to do.
so.. just pray hard.
den costing tutorial. made a stupid calculation in the graded classwork last week.
which caused me alot marks. left with only 19.5 out of 25.
den costing tutorial end earlier also.
ate at canteen 1 and now having audit tutorial - audit communication [roleplay]
like omg. but i guess things turn out alright.

things will turn out more awkward in future. definitely.
though this is not what i want, but so be it.

&the beauty.

Sunday, July 27, 2008
2:38 PM

didnt expect our friendship to be so vulnerable.

&the beauty.

Friday, July 25, 2008
7:49 PM

wells. haven been blogging for a LONG LONG time. cos very lazy. hahas. anyways, vogue !n BA has officially ended on wed. **claps claps** this week was super shag. keep falling asleep on the bus throughout la. exams are coming already le. everyone study ok!!

anyway, played in the board games room in our space and library with khatija, brenda and apple. SO FFFUUUNNNN LA! shall go there more often during our 2 hr breaks ks?

i wanna watch the dark knight, HSM-senior year, hana yori dango! but exams are coming and i just cant find a time to watch!. sighs.

these few days.. i dunno what to say. it seems like things just happen so sudden and fast that i cant even think properly.
i dunno why did things turn out this way, i just feel that its kinda unfair to me and the whole thing is so obvious such that it is not even between us but others see that too.

&the beauty.

Monday, June 30, 2008
10:11 PM

i feel so sway since yesterday la!
was angry yesterday as well. BECAUSE OF BUBBLETEA!
the whole thing is like that.
yesterday yj treated sis,bro and me bubbletea at my house there the shop.
so i ordered first. i ordered a peach red tea with peach jelly.
so after mine is done, yj paid for me den continued to order.
den i was shaking the bubbletea to mix the thing and the whole thing dropped on the floor and BURSTED!
den yj saw and wanted to order another one for me.
den the aunty1 that ordered from me said:
'aiyo, how you take until drop on the floor one'
den the other aunty2 that is taking the order from yj asked:
'pay already anot?'
aunty1 say yes. and GUESS WHAT THE AUNTY2 SAID?
aunty2 said:
even if i wan another cup I WILL STILL PAY OKIE!
den yj also very angry and told the aunty2
'ya! i wan another same cup cannot ah!'
den at night when me,bro and yj took cab home,
i knocked my left shoulder on the door when getting out of the car la!
so clumsy la! and it aches until now lehs.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
2:10 PM

school has started for three days already. well, monday didnt have i&e with the teacher so met up ourselves to rehearse for fmgt. rehearsed for a few times and then went off to find brenda. had my laptop clean at brenda's stall, bought a pack of cookies from wanting's stall and a box of jelly from cheryl's stall. that was my brunch. hahas. den went to secondary school to give sandy the boots and put the uniform cover in st john room. tml st john day, jiayous ppl. den went to imm to see see look look. went to daiso and couldnt find the thing i want so went to popular and found one last book of xiao gui's GAO SHEN ME GUI. bought it in the end. den went to jurong east to buy packed food home. den tried to do tutorials but i dunno how to do!! den watch tv, eat and went to sleep.

yesterday had my alarm set at 6.45am, 7am, and 7.30am. den at 7am the alarm ring and i was half awake and den i fell asleep again. den i think my hand knocked until my handphone and it drop from my bed la. and my bed is the double decker type and i sleeping on the top lo.. den drop so loud i totally WOKE UP la. my goodness. haha. den did audit tutorial cos last night didnt finish and prepare for school. got back my results for EAA, COSTING and AUDITING. so far so good. den after school went to grandma hse to meet parents. after that went to eat at sunset way - grill out. not bad. and i think the guava juice is very very nice. haha. so random den went home blah blah blah.

today woke up den prepare for school. have PRESENTATION. my god. den my grp wearing formal. reached class and den its like. only my grp wear formal??!! but its ok. haha. BUT WE WERE THE FIRST TO PRESENT. i was so nervous dat i sort of cut down my part la. cos only got 15 mins and there is so much to cover. but after that it was ok. wasnt bombarded by too much qns. going to get fmgt results le. so shall update later.

&the beauty.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
11:40 AM

haven blog for quite some time. dunno wad to blog too. haha. common test coming in next week. and it is on sat. i have to work. so suay sia. haha. this week have to hand in fmgt project so must chiong le. den also mc camp this fri to sun, and have to complete the tutorials during the camp. recently was watching KAT TUN'S concert tour 2007. AND IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING MAN! there are so many stunts that they do la. also, i noticed something. haha. they are very fast at changing clothes. LOL. haha. but that is the truth lo. haha. and akanishi is so shuai la. haha. but i cant see any solo from him. the rest all have their own solos. so enjoyable. haha.

i really dunno what to type le. so i shall end here. haha.

&the beauty.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
10:13 PM

gonna type everything that happened today. today have fmgt and ifa tutorial. and my class like so suay like dat can. always kanna by the teachers. first is the fmgt. the tutor start sharp sharp at 9am de la. den my group turn to present the additional qns, and.. because we dunno how to explain how we get one of the figures, WE HAVE TO PRESENT IT AGAIN NEXT WEEK! and the problem is. we dunno how to get the figures by calculations and we back tracked to get the figure only. so how do we noe how to explain! den for ifa. only 1 person in the class completed the whole tutorial. most of us didnt complete the last question. and the teacher went round to check also. so 'lucky' can. den i also don understand the lecture itself can. and tutor was asking why we didnt do the tutorial qns all these. but the prob is that i don really understand the lecture can.

den after the tutorials went to level 6-helpdesk. but they don change keyboards things. have to go funan. so took train to cityhall and walked to funan. the thing was quick la cos it only turned out that it have something stuck inside. den walk back to mrt and took train to lavendar. walk to st john hq and buy ranks. den wanted to eat fishball soup cos haven eat anything yet. BUT BEACH RD DON HAVE! and the sun is shining like nobody's business like that. so took train back to yew tee. and i fall asleep in the train. too tired. cant take it le. finally managed to eat at yew tee den went home.

tml is public holiday. but got st john meeting and work at parents shop den fri until 7 AGAIN!!!

&the beauty.

Friday, April 25, 2008
3:59 PM

in eaa class, having presentation. just ended mine. i think ok ba. anyway its only tutorial participation. later going to st john meeting. feeling tired these few days. the lecture just now before eaa was quite terrible. cos the lecturer spent the first 30 mins to talk abt irrelevant things like stocks. and i feel so sleepy la. and den the whole lecture is just abt copying the illustrations answer. cos i dont understand wad he is saying la. felt so sleepy throughout the whole lecture lo. tml is finally saturday. can wake up late le.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
10:12 AM

now in class waiting trying to download accpac thingy. but got server prob. so have to wait. didnt blog for the past few days cos lazy to blog. haha. actually also dunno wad to blog. i think i not going for diploma plus already. too lazy. yimin is a lazy person. haha. anyway, finished watching GOKUSEN 2. and it is very nice. esp. the last ep. their graduation. superr touching. but you have to watch for the first ep of gokusen 2 den you can noe why very touching. and i am trying to find gokusen 2 reunion special, but didnt succeed. so anyone hu finds is let me noe k. watched a few videos yesterday by kattun 60 minutes @ utawara. and it is super funny la. i also dunno wad i toking already man. blog another day.

&the beauty.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
10:57 PM

printing notes now so shall blog a while. anyway, today is FOC day. BA competing with the rest of the schools in ngee ann. though BA didnt win, but we are still the best! all of us cheered with all the voice we had. it was a fun day today! saw alot of ppl today also. haha. saw cheeyee, shuxian, yeokting, jace, kathleen and also nat. haha. after that took photos and also rushed for diploma plus-add maths. teacher was fast haha. so ended in 2 hrs instead of 3 hrs. horace is also in the same class as me. haha. but i dunno whether i wan to continue anot. cos if i continue, i will have 4 hrs break every week. shall see how it goes. was quite hungry cos didnt really eat anyting the whole day. dn went to westmall and paid electric bills den took train to yeetew. bought noodles for dinner den went home. tml is lectures the whole day.

&the beauty.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
10:49 PM

received photos of baoc 08/09 so shall upload it but not all. cos got alot. anyway, today only went to school for 2 hrs - EAA. den went home. slack den went to eat at fairway club or something de. den in the restaurant, me and parents were toking abt the table beside us. cos rite, there is two males and one female. den they are in formal wear. lunch break i assume. AND GUESS WAD I SAW. the female was sitting crossed legged with shoes off in formal attire! i was like ??? dunno wad to say.

anyway. tml is FOC DAY! so going to school. i also have diploma plus from 5 to 8pm. should i continue taking diploma plus?


gals and JOEHAN

gals and POAYIN

gals and TECKHUI



gals and MARCUS

the big big banner





us again

say cheese!


cool rite?

subcomms with INDAH

the putiis action



guanyuan, me, hasanah

teckhui, guanyuan, me and hasanah

in vip lounge

me and hasanah



me and melissa




in convention





time for SERIOUS PIC

at registration booths





this is supposed to be emo pic

okie. thats all for the pic. shall blog tml again.

&the beauty.

Monday, April 14, 2008
9:18 PM

today was the first day of school. and its IS day. have to reach school at 9.10am den had lesson. saw alot of familiar faces. haha. at 11.30 supposed to go for one talk, but we decided not to go since no attendance taken. den bought the yogurt ice-cream but not nice, cos the yogurt is too soft. dn went to buy fmgt manual, buy tako. something funny happen when buying tako. i buy den paid le den i just went off without taking the tako along. haha. only realised it when yanling they all tell me. haha. after buy accpac. ex lo. 30 bucks and it is thick too. and laptop so heavy too. after that took 61 to westmall. walk walk and buy things, buy subway den went home to. went home feel so sleepy but no sleep. den watch tv after that prepard dinner, eat. and slack.

tml go to school for 2 hrs only lo.. ok. i think i going rest SOON.

&the beauty.

Sunday, April 13, 2008
3:14 PM


back blogging after being mia for the past almost 2 months. partially due to my laziness as well as the prep work for baoc. anyway, baoc '08 has officially ended and i believe that all of us have enjoyed it very much esp. the freshies. they were so enthu! haha. i am happy to be in the sub comm. we had so much fun together, sleeping late at night, playing the trials and etc. happy to know the sub comms as well as the mcs too!

school's starting in less than 24 hrs time. just hope this sem will be smooth. jiayous!

&the beauty.


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